Collecticraft Minis! My new Miniatures Website


Hey hey!  I just launched a website selling unpainted 3d printed miniatures, so far in quarter scale.  Currently it features my LouisXVI line that I’ve blogged about here.  I hope you enjoy it, and if you love miniatures and painting, that it inspires you – maybe enough to honour me with a purchase? 🙂

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The Box of 2012


I don’t mind offering some of my artistic designs for free to give a little something to the public .. and to promote my work.  But there is a limit to how far I can go to do this and keep myself sustained in a career.  I think digital rights are extremely important with the advent of 3D printing, more so than ever.

*Fortunately*, multiple ideas and technologies have been and are being discussed about how to facilitate an artists ability to protect their digital work from being reproduced without permission. One such technology is under development to encrypt 3d digital files in such a way that a 3d printer cannot print the file without a security code.

*Unfortunately*, the manufacturer’s of 3d printers (ie. Makerbot), 3D printing services (ie. Shapeways) and the communities that they have created (ie. Thingiverse created by Makerbot) who demand free designs continue to rail against these developments.

Guys – we love your 3d printers, and your 3D printing service.  I love Makerbot. I love Shapeways. I love Thingiverse –  We (I) put money in your pockets to buy your products – but –

HUGE conflict of interest people …

I get it – you want your customers to have some free designs to print on their machines, but don’t go overboard.  Please stop steam rolling over technology that could help artists make a living. I’m tired of reading your blog entries about intellectual property. They are rarely if ever on the side of the intellectual property owner.

If we continue down this road, the best 3d artists and designers will have to spend less time arting and designing, because they will have to spend it elsewhere earning money to live.

Net result: A whole bunch of boxy designs because no one has time to do great design

– you’ll sit on a 2012 box

-you’ll eat off a 2012 box

-you’ll sleep on a box from 2012

-you’ll hang a pretty box from 2012 on your wall

-your teachers will teach you how to make boxes like the ones they made in 2012

 -No one can afford the time to design outside the box of 2012.

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Shades of Blue: More painted Louis XVI furniture

Here is my next piece this evening, this one with a blue background and a painted “needlework” floral design.

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Painted in Pink! Louis XVI seating

At long last, I’ve fought through my not-for-me (not-for-profit) responsibilities to get back to to printing furniture for an upcoming miniatures show in Toronto (the MET show).  I managed to get a bunch of my Louis XVI furniture printed, assembled, polished, base coated, and finally my first finished paint job on a set.

Pretty in Pink, perfect for Marie Antoinette, or a Victorian Socialite 🙂  YAY!



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Fanshroom Update

Alas, after creating the FanShroom and being comfident about applying to Fan Expo, I called their office to find out – not surprisingly – that they were at their capacity for Artist’s Alley and had quite a long waiting list.

But, at least I got a cool FanShroom design out of it! 🙂

Congratulations to Heather from for winning the first set of FanShrooms in my hidden contest!

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FanShroomies for Fan Expo

I’ve got this weird idea in my head that I might be able to swing going to fan expo with a toy and make enough money to at least afford the experience.  Part of this weird idea is hinged on the following:

  • whether I can be happy enough with a toy design to take there.
  • whether I can convince myself to take the risk.
  • whether, at this late date, I can actually get a spot at Fan Expo.

So here’s the first step, FanShroomy, a sketch:

And the next step, was to make a 3d model… The middle model was created first, and then I thought it would be nice to give it a couple of friends for variety.  Here is the render:

And the next step … print it!  I’ve taken off a couple of prints already and modified them to make them look nicer / print better.  I have a set that have been spray painted with a base coat drying at the moment.

Updated with a shot of the 3d prints w/ base coat:

If this works out, then I think these, along with some Lucky Kitty’s, Monster in a Kid Suits, Tiki toys from my Pirate Festival Collection, and perhaps some skully plushies, will be enough to make it!  Wish me luck 🙂

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Tiki Pendants for The Pirate Festival

I’ll be heading out to the Pirate Festival ( on the August long weekend.  I wanted to include something new .. something different … something piratically congruent, yet not piratically trite.  So I chose tiki!  And I found there is quite a vibrant tiki following, at least in the states … at least in the state of California lol.  But there are little pockets of enthusiasts everywhere.  You can find out about them here: (

Here is the result, so far:

And here are some process photos:

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More Louis XVI Furniture in 1:48 scale

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New Louis XVI Miniature Seating in 1:48 Scale

I just had to work on this.  When I started to research what sort of style of furniture I wanted to design, I found that LouisXVI (16th) furniture is lovely – all the vogue in Marie Antoinette’s time.  It has the ability to be simple, or quite ornate, depending on the setting and decorative treatment.  LouisVVI furniture was fequently used in Victorian rooms, both originals and newly built “revival” furniture.Image

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A New Focus for the OMEGA Show

Recently I decided to be a dealer at our local Miniatures show last Sunday, and I had a fabulous time!  I had a plan, but the plans changed as I evaluated the interest of miniaturists.  I put a half scale set of fantasy garden furniture on hold, because I felt it was a little too toy-like in style after showing it to a few folks and got a mixed reaction.  So, instead, I decided to focus my whole display on quarter scale furniture.  My friend Kacie Hultgren had designed a set of queen anne style furniture (chairs, tables, sofas, and chairs), which I 3d printed and painted for the show in addition to some other sofa, chair, and modified tables of my own design.

I had also planned to offer the 144th scale castle pieces and caravan shown in previous posts, but alas the flurry of activity needed to complete all the quarter painting took so much of my concentration that they fell through the cracks this time.

On the whole, I was very happy with the turnout to the show, and also the warm reception I was given!  Thanks to all!  Here are a couple of pictures of the leftover furniture.

There was so much more that I had painted.  This represents probably about 30% of the stock I had prepared for the show.

If you bought something, and you have photos of your pieces, I would love to post them here on my blog 🙂

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