FanShroomies for Fan Expo

I’ve got this weird idea in my head that I might be able to swing going to fan expo with a toy and make enough money to at least afford the experience.  Part of this weird idea is hinged on the following:

  • whether I can be happy enough with a toy design to take there.
  • whether I can convince myself to take the risk.
  • whether, at this late date, I can actually get a spot at Fan Expo.

So here’s the first step, FanShroomy, a sketch:

And the next step, was to make a 3d model… The middle model was created first, and then I thought it would be nice to give it a couple of friends for variety.  Here is the render:

And the next step … print it!  I’ve taken off a couple of prints already and modified them to make them look nicer / print better.  I have a set that have been spray painted with a base coat drying at the moment.

Updated with a shot of the 3d prints w/ base coat:

If this works out, then I think these, along with some Lucky Kitty’s, Monster in a Kid Suits, Tiki toys from my Pirate Festival Collection, and perhaps some skully plushies, will be enough to make it!  Wish me luck 🙂

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Tiki Pendants for The Pirate Festival

I’ll be heading out to the Pirate Festival ( on the August long weekend.  I wanted to include something new .. something different … something piratically congruent, yet not piratically trite.  So I chose tiki!  And I found there is quite a vibrant tiki following, at least in the states … at least in the state of California lol.  But there are little pockets of enthusiasts everywhere.  You can find out about them here: (

Here is the result, so far:

And here are some process photos:

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1:144 Palace Roombox Project

Continuing to get ready for the OMEGA Miniatures Show and Sale, I starting playing around with a 3d printed roombox idea where you could use the box to make a little miniature scene – or – fit it together with other boxes to make a house – or – add even more boxes to make a whole castle!  First – the basic room box.  Here are some pictures of the roombox, and how it can be stacked.

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Designed a little 1:144 scale Gypsy Caravan

I’m gearing up for the Omega Miniatures Show and Sale, and for that I’ve designed a little caravan in 1:144 scale and printed it on my 3d printer.


This scale is also known as “dollhouse for a dollhouse” scale.  Which means that you could use this as a house for the tiniest gypsies, or you could place it as a toy in a dollhouse playroom.  My style often tends to veer towards the fantasy proportions of toys and games.

When I’ve got some of these painted for the show, I’ll make another post.


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Teacup Dragon

The Queen of Teacup Dragons! She is waiting patiently for her Lady Grey. Printed on an UP! 3d Printer in white ABS, she is designed as a puppet with the ability to move her head and mouth. This is another design entered into the “pet monster” contest sponsored by Makerbot and 3D Artist Magazine.

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This is one of my entries into the “Pet Monster” contest sponsored by Makerbot and 3D Artist Magazine. This little guy is not pleased that he has to wear leftovers at Halloween again… He was printed in on UP! printer and painted with eggshell finish acrylics.

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Lucky Cat!

Hey! Check out the latest thing that came jumping off my 3d printer.  It’s Lucky Cat!  But not just any lucky beckoning cat from japanese tradition – it’s got the collectable charm of low brow art toys.  You won’t see things like this rolling off of home printers for long.  This “look” will change as the technology becomes more sophisticated and give surfaces a smooth and polished finish.  I like the home grown feel of this current texture, and, I think, because this look won’t last long that items like these will become highly collectable.  At least I’m hoping! 🙂 You can check a few more photos of her at my Etsy store:

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These were one of the first things – at least the first product for sale – that I made on my 3d printer.  They were spray painted with an off white base, stained with tan acrylic, and feathers added.

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These are some gnomes I made back around Christmas Time.  I printed them on my own 3d printer, and painted them with acrylics.

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More Gnomes

I’ve been making gnomes for some time now in a number of mediums, so it was pretty natural for me to bring them into the 3d printing realm a couple of years ago.  I really started making gnomes when my artistic focus was pottery.  They fit with the magical/mythical themes I like to explore, and also sold well at the Waldorf School Christmas market I attended occasionally.

Above you can see some gnomes I currently have in my Etsy Shop.  I’m really excited about expanding this theme using my 3d printer.  I could make a gnome for anything really couldn’t I?  One might wear an easter bunny suit.  Another might work in the circus.  I can’t wait to make some steam gnomes!

Perhaps one of the things that tickles me about my gnomes is that they all have cute little bums 🙂


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