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1:144 Palace Roombox Project

Continuing to get ready for the OMEGA Miniatures Show and Sale, I starting playing around with a 3d printed roombox idea where you could use the box to make a little miniature scene – or – fit it together with other boxes to make a house – or – add even more boxes to make a whole castle!  First – the basic room box.  Here are some pictures of the roombox, and how it can be stacked.

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Designed a little 1:144 scale Gypsy Caravan

I’m gearing up for the Omega Miniatures Show and Sale, and for that I’ve designed a little caravan in 1:144 scale and printed it on my 3d printer.


This scale is also known as “dollhouse for a dollhouse” scale.  Which means that you could use this as a house for the tiniest gypsies, or you could place it as a toy in a dollhouse playroom.  My style often tends to veer towards the fantasy proportions of toys and games.

When I’ve got some of these painted for the show, I’ll make another post.


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