About The Artist

I like that place between reality and unreality.  I think it’s the most valid place that an artist could ever exist.  To live exclusively in the “real”, would make me miss a whole lot of possibilities!  If I were to live only in the “unreal”, well then I would be categorically insane…  Living on the balance, with my feet on solid ground, my hands stretched up into the clouds makes me whole and comfortable as a creative person.

I make virtual worlds.  I make 3d printed sculpture.  Sometimes I make music and sometimes I even make musical instruments.  Sometimes I sculpt in clay.  Some of <– these things make me money.  I organize a fantasy festival called “Enchanted Ground Faery Fest” that kicks off at the end of June of every year which like a goblin gobbles up my time from time to time every time, and will probably do so until the end of …  I do this because I love creative people who focus on fantasy themes, and Faery Fest Inc. is able to showcase them.


  • I graduated in 1992 from the University of Guelph with a bachelours degree focussing on music and art.


  • 3D skills: conceptual and virtual architectural design; furniture and decorative item design, craft and manufactural administration; 3d modelling, including character, accessory, and environment creation; 3d animation including rigging and animating characters and objects.
  • Hands on artistic skills: clay sculpture, papercraft and collage, sculpture painting and decorative/finishing process, sketching and painting.
  • Musical Proficiency: with a number of musical early instruments (primarily harpsichord/keyboards, lap harp, bowed psaltery, flutes and recorders and various percussion … formerly viola da gamba, clarinet, and fiddle … currently experimenting with theremin and accordion).
  • Fluent in the following 3D programs: 3D Studio Max, 3D Coat, TopMod, Google Sketchup, Accutrans, Wings 3D, some knowledge of Unity 3d, among others.
  • Fluent in the following 2D design programs: Corel Photopaint, Inkscape, some knowledge of Photoshop, among others.
  • Development Skills in the following Virtual Worlds: Activeworlds, Adobe’s Atmosphere, SecondLife, IMVU, Twinity, Frenzoo, Friends Hangout, and Nuvera Online.
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