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The Box of 2012


I don’t mind offering some of my artistic designs for free to give a little something to the public .. and to promote my work.  But there is a limit to how far I can go to do this and keep myself sustained in a career.  I think digital rights are extremely important with the advent of 3D printing, more so than ever.

*Fortunately*, multiple ideas and technologies have been and are being discussed about how to facilitate an artists ability to protect their digital work from being reproduced without permission. One such technology is under development to encrypt 3d digital files in such a way that a 3d printer cannot print the file without a security code.

*Unfortunately*, the manufacturer’s of 3d printers (ie. Makerbot), 3D printing services (ie. Shapeways) and the communities that they have created (ie. Thingiverse created by Makerbot) who demand free designs continue to rail against these developments.

Guys – we love your 3d printers, and your 3D printing service.  I love Makerbot. I love Shapeways. I love Thingiverse –  We (I) put money in your pockets to buy your products – but –

HUGE conflict of interest people …

I get it – you want your customers to have some free designs to print on their machines, but don’t go overboard.  Please stop steam rolling over technology that could help artists make a living. I’m tired of reading your blog entries about intellectual property. They are rarely if ever on the side of the intellectual property owner.

If we continue down this road, the best 3d artists and designers will have to spend less time arting and designing, because they will have to spend it elsewhere earning money to live.

Net result: A whole bunch of boxy designs because no one has time to do great design

– you’ll sit on a 2012 box

-you’ll eat off a 2012 box

-you’ll sleep on a box from 2012

-you’ll hang a pretty box from 2012 on your wall

-your teachers will teach you how to make boxes like the ones they made in 2012

 -No one can afford the time to design outside the box of 2012.

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Lucky Cat!

Hey! Check out the latest thing that came jumping off my 3d printer.  It’s Lucky Cat!  But not just any lucky beckoning cat from japanese tradition – it’s got the collectable charm of low brow art toys.  You won’t see things like this rolling off of home printers for long.  This “look” will change as the technology becomes more sophisticated and give surfaces a smooth and polished finish.  I like the home grown feel of this current texture, and, I think, because this look won’t last long that items like these will become highly collectable.  At least I’m hoping! 🙂 You can check a few more photos of her at my Etsy store:

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Rings made on Shapeways.  You can find them in my Shapeways shop

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This 3d chess game, otherwise known as Raumschach, was one of the first things I made using the ponoko service (

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Some gadgets I made at Shapeways.  Here is a link to my shop there:

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Some lighting pieces I made on Ponoko.  Here is a link to my show room there:

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Some lighting things I made on Shapeways.  Here is a link to my gallery there:

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These were one of the first things – at least the first product for sale – that I made on my 3d printer.  They were spray painted with an off white base, stained with tan acrylic, and feathers added.

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These are some gnomes I made back around Christmas Time.  I printed them on my own 3d printer, and painted them with acrylics.

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The many states of me 🙂


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