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Fanshroom Update

Alas, after creating the FanShroom and being comfident about applying to Fan Expo, I called their office to find out – not surprisingly – that they were at their capacity for Artist’s Alley and had quite a long waiting list.

But, at least I got a cool FanShroom design out of it! 🙂

Congratulations to Heather from for winning the first set of FanShrooms in my hidden contest!

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FanShroomies for Fan Expo

I’ve got this weird idea in my head that I might be able to swing going to fan expo with a toy and make enough money to at least afford the experience.  Part of this weird idea is hinged on the following:

  • whether I can be happy enough with a toy design to take there.
  • whether I can convince myself to take the risk.
  • whether, at this late date, I can actually get a spot at Fan Expo.

So here’s the first step, FanShroomy, a sketch:

And the next step, was to make a 3d model… The middle model was created first, and then I thought it would be nice to give it a couple of friends for variety.  Here is the render:

And the next step … print it!  I’ve taken off a couple of prints already and modified them to make them look nicer / print better.  I have a set that have been spray painted with a base coat drying at the moment.

Updated with a shot of the 3d prints w/ base coat:

If this works out, then I think these, along with some Lucky Kitty’s, Monster in a Kid Suits, Tiki toys from my Pirate Festival Collection, and perhaps some skully plushies, will be enough to make it!  Wish me luck 🙂

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Tiki Pendants for The Pirate Festival

I’ll be heading out to the Pirate Festival ( on the August long weekend.  I wanted to include something new .. something different … something piratically congruent, yet not piratically trite.  So I chose tiki!  And I found there is quite a vibrant tiki following, at least in the states … at least in the state of California lol.  But there are little pockets of enthusiasts everywhere.  You can find out about them here: (

Here is the result, so far:

And here are some process photos:

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More Louis XVI Furniture in 1:48 scale

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