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Textures for Whyst in Cubelands

I decided that it’s time to release some of the textures I use in my Cubelands Whyst server.

So here they are folks, just for you. I hope you use them well. And if you like them enough to tell people I made them, you would stroke my ego nicely lol 🙂

I hate to say something so negative, but they would have been released sooner if some crazies didn’t try to steal them. Yes, some young Brazillian lads decided it would be ok to take screenshots of my textures and use them in their own server. It totally de-motivated me for a while since i felt they had no respect for the time I put into making them.

But why should you suffer because of some wayward kids? You shouldn’t. We should teach them somehow that they hurt the community by stealing.

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