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More Gnomes

I’ve been making gnomes for some time now in a number of mediums, so it was pretty natural for me to bring them into the 3d printing realm a couple of years ago.  I really started making gnomes when my artistic focus was pottery.  They fit with the magical/mythical themes I like to explore, and also sold well at the Waldorf School Christmas market I attended occasionally.

Above you can see some gnomes I currently have in my Etsy Shop.  I’m really excited about expanding this theme using my 3d printer.  I could make a gnome for anything really couldn’t I?  One might wear an easter bunny suit.  Another might work in the circus.  I can’t wait to make some steam gnomes!

Perhaps one of the things that tickles me about my gnomes is that they all have cute little bums 🙂


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Witch Gnomes & Treasure

Yay!  I had my first Etsy sale of 3d printed gnomes!  This little trio of witches found themselves a home, and I just sent them off today.  There’s a photo for you.

It’s funny that these lil ladies were the only gnomes I have currently available that weren’t featured in Etsy treasuries!  And on that note, take a moment to appreciat ethe work of the curators who made these lovely treasuries that feature my other gnomes as well as a variety of well deserved products from crafters around the world:

See yuh soon!


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