Whyst in Cubelands

Here is another virtual world built on the Unity game platform. This one, a “game” called Cubelands is similar to the popular Minecraft, except it’s focus is building and it’s graphics are beautiful. With the inclusion of fog, “depth of field” (where visibility blurs at a distance), and superb shadows on the highest graphics settings, Cubelands is a visual delight even in its simplicity.

You can play Cubelands for free, or you can buy a premium membership. The basic free membership allows you to create words that are hosted by the Cubelands server. However, if you have the premium membership, you can make your own dedicated server including custom textures, like mine does.

Here is a video of worlds someone could build with a basic free membership. The majority of players have this free membership:

Premium memberships also allow you to customize your cubey avatar by applying a custom skin. Here is a shot of me in-world taken by an avatar called “sexy”.

screenshot of Whystler by Sexy


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One thought on “Whyst in Cubelands

  1. put it on cubelandsskins.webs.com? be epic if ya did!

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